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128K Apple //e
Virtu V1.00 (128K Apple //e emulator - Digital Jellyfish Design Ltd.)
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Adam It was a complete computer, not just a console like the Colecovision.
AdamEm V0.22 (emulate an Adam - Risc OS Port: David McEwen)
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Amiga 500 I got my Amiga 1000 in 1985, my 2nd computer, and was astonished at how good the graphics and sound were. The games for the Amiga were great! The best of any computer system, until the technology developed as it did.
Unix Amiga Emulator V1.14/0.6.9 (emulates a A500 with 2MB chip & up to 11.8MB RAM - written by Peter Teichmann)
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Amstrad CPC (Colour Personal Computer), a Z80 4MHz 8-bit computer with hi-res graphics and a disk drive.
CPC-Emulator V1.10 (emulates an Amstrad CPC - written by Andras Stroiczek)
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Atari 2600 Based on the 6507 CPU, it only had 128 bytes of memory, and relied on plotting direct to a TV rather than to screen memory like most modern consoles.
Stella V1.00 (a multiplatform Atari2600 VCS emulator - port by David McEwen)
Virtual2600 (emulates a Atari 2600 - port by Ian Molton)
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Atari ST The Atari ST was another great computer that arrived in the late 80s. It rivaled the Amiga in graphics and sound, but never gained the support the Amiga did.
STem V2.01 (Atari ST emulator - written by Sam Ellis)
STSound V0.815 (YM2149 Soundchip Emulator (Atari ST) - Risc OS Port: bITmASTER)
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6502Em V4.0 (BBC emulator (A, B, Master & Master Compact, with full sideway/shadow RAM) - Murklesoft)
BeebIt V0.12 (emulates an Acorn BBC Model B computer with 32k RAM - written by Michael Foot)
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Chip-8 A Simple interpreter for a 4k virtual machine around in the 70's and 80's on 1802 processor based machines and in the 90's on the HP-48c.
Chip-8 (Chip-8 emulator - written by Pervect)
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Commodore 64 This was my 1st computer ever. My all times favorite games run on this computer - Boulderdash & Uridium. The games where great then and some still are.
D64FS V0.10 (an image filing system for C64 disc images - written by Andreas Dehmel)
Frodo V4.1 (Risc OS release #2) (emulates C64 & 1541 - author Christian Bauer - Risc OS Port: Andreas Dehmel)
Vice V1.3 (GPL Commodore emulator - Risc OS Port: Andreas Dehmel)

Emulators for C64, C128, CBM2, PET & VIC20.
Sid2Wav V0.70 (SIDplayer utilites - Risc OS Port: Sebastian Weinberg)
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GBoyEm V0.06 (to play Gameboy games - written by Paul Clifford)
VBG V2.04 (supports all the Gameboy iterations : Original, Pocket, Super and Color - Risc OS port: David McEwen)
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ARM Linux
IscaFS V0.06 (Linux ext2fs partition image filing system - written by Phil Norman & Matthew Wilcox)
Linux Installation Guide (installation guide - compiled by Phil Norman)
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Multi Arcade Machine Emulator Started in January 1997, as single emulators for different games. It has since evolved into an absolutley incredible emulator, capable of running Z80, 6502, 6809, 68000 & 8086 based games.
MAME V0.35 beta 3.1 (multi arcade machine emulator - written by the MAME team)
Supporting 1148 arcade games.
MAME Play V1.10 (MAME font end - written by Rob Chasmer)
Works with MAME V0.33.6
Player1 V0.098b (MAME font end - written by Ricard Cassidy)
Works with MAME V0.34b
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MESS A multiple console & computer emulator. MESS ROMS - Colour Genie discs
NES/Famicon - Sega Megadrive/Genesis - Tandy TRS-80 Model I & III - EACA Colour Genie 2000 - Colecovision - Kappro 2x
CP/M - PDP-1 - Sega Master System/Game Gear - Gameboy - Vectrex - Apple ][ - Bally Astrocade - Atari 800 - Atari 520
MESS V0.02 beta 4.1 (emulates a variety of systems - written by the MESS team)
Spectrum, Atari 7800, and PC emulation is under development!
MESS PLAY V1.01 (MESS front end - written by Rob Chasmer)
Neditor V1.00 (edit iNES format image headers - written by David Sharp)
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Fmsx V2.0b (emulate an MSX - Acorn Port: David McEwen)
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ORIC The Oric-1 computer was 1st announced back in 1982 in order to compete with the Sinclair Spectrum computer.
Oric Emulator V1.2 (emulates an Oric - written by Bent Gort Valerius and Thomas Dan Olsson)
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PC (Windows 95)
32-bit CDROM driver for Windows 95 (it supports all CDROM drives recognised by RISC OS - Aleph One Ltd.)
ARMEdit V1.04b (utilities for PC cards - written by A. Thoukydides)
ASPI V0.05C (support for PC cards to use Acorn SCSI - written by Andreas Walter)
Guard (guard DOS partitions from being accidentally deleted - written by Matthew Block)
Installing a parallel port Zip drive for use with the PC card
StretchDD (resize your DOS partition - written by Matthew Block)
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Sega Game Gear & Master System The Master System with a 8-bit Z80 CPU was a very popular console amongst video games players in the late 80s & early 90s. In the early 90s the hand-held version of the master system, the Game Gear was released.
MGear V1.33 (emulates both a Master System and a Game Gear - Risc OS port: David McEwen)
Miracle V0.10 (a near-perfect emulation of a Sega Master System - written by Richard Talbot-Watkins & Matthew Godbolt)

Eventually, Miracle might be multitasking in a window if you want. Plus support is planned for 9 channel FM sound, and Game Gear compatibility.
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Z80Em 4.00 (Spectrum emulator - Murklesoft)
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Super Nintendo
SNES9X V1.26 beta 4.0 (Super Nintendo emulator with Super FX support - Risc OS port by Gareth S. Long)
SNEStool V0.09 (manipulate SNES ROM images - Icebird)
SNESPlay V1.00 (SNES9X front end - written by Rob Chasmer)
SNUPI V0.04 (SNES9X font end - written by Ricard Cassidy)
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Arcvic V0.3 (VIC-2- emulator - written by Boris van Schooten)
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Virtual PC Engine
PCEngine V0.21 (PC Engine & TurboGrafx 16 emulator - written by Paul Clifford)
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