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Lightning Flashlights
Lightning Flashlight, an ultracapacitor flashlight that recharges in 90 seconds, is good for fifty thousand power cycles, contains no heavy metals and is RoHS compliant. Essentially, it is a light for life.

Mini Nuclear Power Reactor
Who would have thought that the benefits of generating electricity from huge nuclear power plants could ever be provided in a small, compact, energy module that can be transported by truck, rail or ship to remote locations wherever reliable electricity and heat for communities and industry is needed?

Earth's First Home Ethanol System, a Product of E-Fuel Corporation. The revolutionary EFuel100 MicroFueler™ is the first product that allows anyone to reduce their dependency on oil, greatly diminish their carbon footprint, and produce fuel for under $1.00 per gallon.

Lighting Science Group
Low power LED lamps combine performance and reliability in a multipurpose lamp. Their excellent light quality and long life make them the perfect choice for accent lighting in retail, hospitality and commercial buildings.

Bionx Electric Bike System
BionX, a conversion system that you can add to any bike, that tops out at fifteen pounds.

New 'Zero-Watt' Computer Monitor Uses No Power in Standby Mode
A new computer monitor by Fujitsu Siemens Computers breaks with its brethren and uses no power at all in idle mode. It works with a clever switch that shuts down the monitor when there's no signal from the computer, and turns it back on when there is one.

Vetiver Bath Mat
Vetiver is a naturally aromatic root with a soothing scent. The oil is often extracted to make perfume & other spa products. It’s healing, aromatherapy traits are stress reduction and relaxation. Like cedar, vetiver is also used to keep away moths.

Eco Dartmouth Two Piece Toilet, 1.28 GPF
Certified by the EPA's WaterSense program, this advanced flushing system saves 20% more water than 1.6 GPF toilets.

1.5gpm FloWise Showerhead
Up to 40% Water Savings. Auto return feature defaults to 1.5gpm ultra-Water Saving Mode.

Versatile bamboo flooring, panels and veneer
Known for its density and remarkable tensile strength, moso bamboo has been used in construction of buildings, bridges and scaffolds for centuries.

Compressed Air Vehicle
The compressed air vehicle is a new generation of vehicle that finally solves the motorist’s dilemma: how to drive and not pollute at a cost that is affordable!

The compressed air vehicle is built with the high performance Compressed Air Engine (CAE) technology developed by Formula One race car engineer Guy Negre. This technology is proprietary and protected by over 40 patents to date.
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