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Computer Hardware
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Semiconductor manufacturer

Alps Electronic Co.
"Photo-Quality" color printers, LCD products, desktop pointing devices etc.

Boca Research, Inc.

Canon Computer Systems, Inc.
Printers, digital cameras etc.

Compaq Co.

Connectix Co.

Corel Corp.

Electric Equipment Company, Inc.

Epson Inc.
Digital cameras, printers, scanners etc.

Fargo Electronics, Inc.
Global manufacturer and supplier of color wax thermal transfer, dye-sublimation and thermal ink-jet printers.

Fujitsu Computer Products of America
Designing, engineering and manufacturing hard drives, magneto-optical drives, printers, scanners and tape drives.

Hewlett Packard Co.
Laser printers, color palmtop computers

Network - Servers

Intel Co.
Home of the Pentium 4 processor family

Lexmark, Inc.
Laser printers, print servers

Microtek Lab, Inc.
Scanners - LCD monitors

Nec Technologies, Inc.

Panasonic (Matsushita Electric Co.)
LCD monitors

Oki Data Co.

Pinnacle Micro
Optical storage & optical library systems

Pioneer Electronics

Pixel Interconnect
We are consultants who provide engineering solutions to your electronic interconnect needs related to optical interconnects, flat panel displays, LCD display repair, LCD ruggedization, and advanced semiconductor packaging.

Ricoh Corporation
Digital cameras

SAMPO Technology Co.

Sharp Electronics

Silicon Graphics, Inc.
High performance graphics workstations

Digital cameras, monitors etc.

Sun Microsystems
Home of the programming language Java

System Optimization PC Hardware and Performance Guide!

Texas Instruments, Inc.
Semiconductor manufacturer

ViewSonic Co.
LCD monitors

Viking Components
The world's premier manufacturer of computer enhancements products. They design, develop and manufacture over 2000 spscific products to upgrade virtually any brand of personal computer or laser printer.

Graphic Tablet Specialists. Wacom graphics tablets provide artists, illustrators and design professionals the ultimate way to illustrate, paint or manipulate imagery on a computer. The cordless, batteryless and pressure-sensitive Erasing UltraPen included with every tablet is superior in weight, size and balance, providing the user the most natural, sensitive and responsive feel and control.

The World Wide Web's #1 Resource for Windows 3.x, 95, 98 & NT Drivers!

Xerox Co.
Printers - 1-800-275-9376
Ad Info

Computer Chronicles

Computer Shopper

Maximum PC

Pen Computing

PC Magazine
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Order Online
CDW Computer Centers, Inc.

Dell Computer Co.



Global Computer Supplies

Insight Direct, Inc.

Micro Warehouse

PC Connection, Inc.



TigerDirect, Inc.

Tri-Star Computer
Graphics work stations

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