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Risc OS
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Risc OS 4
Reboot the computer so it does not run !boot othewise your ROM will get patched twice.

*save rom1 3800000+100000
*save rom2 3900000+100000
*save rom3 3a00000+100000
*save rom4 3b00000+100000

Copy the ROMs to your PC via 1.44Mb DOS floppies and drop them in the Riscos4_02 folder.
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Risc OS 2 & 3
Format a 720k DOS disk on your PC by typing format a: /f:720 from a DOS prompt.

Put the disk in your Archimedes and from a command line type:

*save :0.ic24/rom 3800000 3880000

Remove the disk and MOVE the file to the Archie directory on your PC.

Repeat steps 2 & 3 for the following commands:
*save :0.ic25/rom 3880000 3900000
*save :0.ic26/rom 3900000 3980000
*save :0.ic27/rom 3980000 3A00000

For Risc OS 2, as PC floppies are not directly supported by the OS, you will need to use a PC disk read/writer.
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Boot Images
The Universal !Boot RISC OS 3.7 - 2.7MB

The original RISC OS3.70 !Boot and others - 13MB
The zip archives supplied here constitute the equivalent of the Hard Disc contents of a RISC OS 3.7 computer. The SlideShow pictures and example Replay movies are not included. All archives should be extracted directly into the root of your Hard Drive.

RISC OS 4 Installation CD ISO image - 300MB

RISC OS 4 Default Boot sequence CD ISO image - 7MB