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5Time V3.9 (To Do List & Task Management - written by Simon Berridge)
abp V5.18 (banking program - written by Malcolm Bryant)

Supports import from & export to Quicken, MS Money or Spreadsheet.
BusyView V2.60 (displays items from Agenda in a month view display - written by Lieuwe de Vries)
ChartNote V3.14 (patient record program - written by Kimo Hirayama)
Conversion Calculator Pro V.S5.1 (international conversion program - written by Tim Bentinck)
Contact Manager V3.0 (contact manager - Palmscape)
Doodler 3.00 (jot-pad' utility with 'thumbnail' view - Neuon)
Easy Note V2.00 (scribble pad - Palmscape)

Supports Voice Notes.
Expense Manager V1.2 (manage your expenses - Palmtop BV)
Financial Calculator V1.2 (all the functionality of the most expensive professional calculators - Palmtop BV)
Logit (The Timeslips compatible time-biling application - Pelican Software)
MediKit V3.01 (medical toolkit - written by Jonathan Perry)

Anyone in hospital medicine/surgery should find this application useful.
MiniCalc V5.11 (takes only a fraction of the screen space - written by Guillaume Dupont)
Money V1.4 (the ultimate financial package - Palmtop BV)
Monnaie V5.04c (professional multi-currency conversion - written by Guillaume Dupont)
Mentor (reach your goals - WuLi Software)
MyPocket (synchronize documents between your Windows based PC and your EPOC device - Palmtop BV)
Plan5 V5.8 (project planner - written by Andy Clarkson)
Porfolio V5.13a (share portfolio management - written by Guillaume Dupont)
PowerBase (relational database management system - Purple Software)
Reminder V1.50 (post-it notes - written by Denise Pope)
RecentDocs V1.41 (access your 10 last used documents from a Windows style Start menu - Palmscape)
RMRContact V2.3 (contact manager - written by Tim Richardson)
Safe Place V1.1 (keep your confidential information safe - Palmtop BV)
StationClock V1.0 (multiple city clock - it displays the time throughout a whole day - John McAleely)
Trip+ V2.0d (travel assistant - CoriSoft)
VacTrac5 V2.1 (leave management system - written by Ron Queloz)
Q-Calc V2.12 (advanced, intelligent scientific calculator - Neuon)
QuickNote V1.20 (quickly make simple notes - Tixy)
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Coming Soon
GlobeCs (view the globe - written by Andras Cserhati)
Linux on EPOC 32

Geofox & Psion are officially supporting this project with hardware information.
NiKom S5 V0.5c (connect your Nikon F90X/N90S to your Psion S5 - written by Carsten Tschach)
ELWAR (Warcraft-style game - written by Boris Alcaraz)
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AlterNet V2.0 (database interacting with the Message Suite - Neuon)
EpocSync V3.02 (file synchronisation between EPOC machines - Malcolm Bryant)
EPOC Today Beta V0.4 ('Outlook' for EPOC 32 - BigPig Software)
HTML Designer V1.0 (preview, create & edit HTML files - Colin Shearing)
IrChat V1.0 (chat with any device (WindowsCE, Palm tops, Psion Series5) - Information Technologies (India) Limited)
nICQ V1.21 (ICQ - Neuon)
Message Suite V1.52f (email, fax and web browsing capabilities - Psion, Inc.)

Available in English, French & German!
nFTP V1.30 (FTP - Neuon)
Opera V5.02 Beta 1 (web browser - Opera Software)
PhoneManPro V2.73F (send & receive SMS messages - S. G. Software)
nWebManager (web site management tool - Neuon)
PassThru32 V1.07 (use a PC's internal modem and/or printer - written by Kevin Millican)
PsiFS V1.40 (transfer files between RiscOS & EPOC16/32 - written by Alexander Thoukydides)
PsiWin V2.3 (transfer files between Windows95/98 & EPOC16/32 - Psion, Inc.)

Supports Series 3a/3c/3mx/5 & Siena. Available in English, German, French, Italian & Dutch!
RMRNews V1.02 (internet news reader - RMR Software)
SyncTalk V1.0 (device2device information exchange between mobile device OS - Sedeog technologies, Inc.)
WebGrabber V1.0 (download web sites for offline viewing - kabestin)
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E32Frodo V0.41 (C64 emulator for EPOC - Edmund Roland)
EMame V1.2 (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator - written by many)
Goby V1.2 (Gameboy emulator - PalmTec)
Psi85 (Texas TI-85 calculator emulator - Daniel Rigby)
PsiApple V0.3 (Apple ][ emulator - written by Steve Hugg)
Sinclair Spectrum Emulator V4.0 (you can now play Lemmings and Boulderdash on your Series 5 - Palmtop B.V.)

TrueColor support - faster than ever - run 6,600 games!
XTM PC/XT Emulator V2.00 (emulation of a classic PC/XT computer - NB Information Ltd.)
Lets you run DOS on your Geofox-One of Psion Series 5.
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5 Pack (HomeRun, Checkers, Yacht, Theole & Enigma - Purple Software)
Backgammon & Chinese Chess (games - Purple Software)
Blobs (taking gaming to another level - NEUON)
Bridge (Bridge fans will be delighted... - Purple Software)
Chess (powerful chess program - Purple Software)
CONNECT 4 V1.2 (classic game - written by Ben Vaughan)
Encore V0.20 (Doom running on the Series 5 - Palmtop B.V.)
FatCatz Crossword V1.20 (supports most online crossword formats (.PUZ, .XBW etc.) - FatCatz)
Fred V1.04f (virtual pet - written by Daniel Sissman)
FrotzS5 V1.7 (enjoy Infocom text adventures - port by Frédéric Bouvry)
GemTile V2.1 (puzzle game - Koan)
Matience V1.0 (a implementation of Mah-jongg patience - Neoun)
MikeD.Rally V1.4 (downhill car rally game - MPDSoft)
Mosaic (classic puzzle game - BeeLogic)
Othello V2.0 (classic board game - written by Robert Longbottom)
Paratrooper (arcade - PDYea!, Inc.)
PocketChess V1.2a (chess - PalmTime)
PsiCards V1.1 (collection of card games - written by David Steer)
PSI-JONG V1.9 (classic Mah Jong board game - written by Ben Vaughan)
PsiTris V1.51 (Tetris clone - written by FatCatz)
Pyramid V1.2 (card game - written by Frédéric Bouvry)
RockFall V1.05 (based on the game Boulder Dash - written by Julian Samphire)
SimCity (city planning simulation - Atelier)
Solitaire (the peg version of Solitaire - written by Robert Longbottom)
RMRSol V2.2 (classic 'Solitaire' Patience card game - written by Ian Webster)
Sokoboxx V1.09 (classic puzzle game - Fatcatz)
Solitaire Deluxe V1.12 (the ultimate Solitaire game - written by FatCatz)

Download Solitaire Deluxe Plugins from this location.
Tile Fall V1.40 (attempt to remove a number of coloured tiles from a grid - written by Adam Dawes)
Tile Trix V1.5 (new idea, with classic themes - written by Ben Vaughan)
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5creen V1.0 (screen saver engine - i27)
Blaze3D (3D viewer - written by Nik Van den Wijngaert)
Biomorphs (growing strange plants and weird animals - written by Laurens Lapre)
CADmx V1.0e beta (0.95) (techical drawing software - Nicklas Larsson)
Hop (draw vascular fractal dot images - written by Laurens Lapre)
Mandel V1.1 (Mandelbrot & Julia set explorer - written by Laurens Lapre)
MBMView V4.00 (bitmap viewer/converter - written by Lieuwe de Vries)

Reads: GIF, JPG, BMP, MBM, AIF, Sketch, Photo5 & SpritEdit. Writes: GIF, JPG, BMP, MBM & Sketch.
OneMBM V0.90 (combine images from several multi bitmap files (mbm), into one mbm file - Nicklas Larsson)
P5CAD V4.02 (CAD program - written by Andrew Duffield)
Photopal V2.1 (collection of utilities for professional photographers - Peter Csutora)
Photo5 V3.1 (an all round graphics/animation program - written by Salt)
PsiFrac V1.1 (fractal generator - written by Holger Leerhoff)
PsiCam V0.9g (connect your Psion to Olympus Digital Camera - written by Jan Rydval)

Tested with Olympus Camedia 420L, but it should work with the 820L as well.
Slides V1.02 (a simple slide show application - written by Braindrain)
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COBUILD English Dictionary (the ultimate electronic reference guide - Palmtop BV)
Collins Dictionaries (French, German, Italian & Spanish - Palmtop BV)

Collins Dictionaries are widely acclaimed for their excellence.
Database Files
UK Sights V00c (details of interesting places to visit in the UK/British Isles - written by Gerard Mulholland)
ADL Blackstone Press Law Library (modular software for legal practitioners - Anya Designs Ltd.)
FlWorld V4.32 (alternative interface to the built-in world time - written by Dave Rushall)
Flight Manager (the ideal tool for the world traveler - Palmtop BV)
fMat V2.01 (database with mechanical, physical, thermal and fatigue data of a large number of metals - FATEC Engineering)
GeoDis V2.10 (Geographical Information System (GIS) - written by Rolf Aeschbacher)
Halliwell's Film & Video Guide (authoritative information about 20,000 movies - Palmtop BV)
LittleSense V1.23 (compact English dictionary - LittleSense)
Psi-Mapper (Geographical Information System - written by Steve Litchfield)
Great Britain V6.2 (1,100 towns built-in with STD and postcodes - town plan schematics for over 200 of the major towns & cities)
Ireland V2.2 (800 towns built-in - town plan schematics for over 20 of the major towns)
London V3.1 (covering 900 places across the capital, with road data down to B road level)
Ocean5 V4.0 (prediction of tides - written by Pierre Pellot)
Odyssey 2000 Pro (professional pilot's logbook - NavTech Software)
Procyon X V1.09 (extensive astronomy program - written by Pedro M.G. van Can)
RealMaps V5.08 (an alternative approach to GIS/Mapping - written by Kevin Millican)
Route Planner Millennium (road map & route planning - Palmtop BV)

Available for all European and North American countries.
Solarmap (displays a map of the earth - written by John Davis)
The Holy Bible (the complete King James version - Palmtop BV)
S5Dive V1.7 (the Diver's Logbook - written by unknown)
Street Planner V1.3 (door-to-door route planning - Palmtop BV)
The Portable Chef (thousands upon thousands of recipes - Palmtop BV)
Trivia V2.9 (a database of freeware trivia - written by Steve Litchfield)
VC++ Programming for Beginners
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BleepMix 1.0 (for your occasional mixing, volume adjusting and waveform drawing needs... - written by Morten Wagner)
VoiceMan5 V1.43 (Voice Notes manager - Pscience5)
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Allegro (the fast and reliable alternative to keyboard input - Purple Software)
Backlite+Plus V2.20B Build 107 (configure your backlight and more - written by Jason Kneen)
BatCheck V1.2 (monitor the status of the main & backup batteries - witten by Peter Csutora)
CalliGrapher (natural handwriting recognition - Atelier)
ChemTools V3.00 (chemistry program - Guillaume Sabouraud)
CleanMe (utility to stop the Psion responding to the screen while you clean it - Ben & Lynda Thornton)
Clock 5 V1.85 (password protected screensaver - written by Martin Guthrie)
Convert5 Pro V3.65 (professional unit conversion program for many common & uncommon units - PocketIQ)
Converti V5.04a (a measure units converter - written by Guillaume Dupont)
Crypto V1.14 (encryption utility - written by Philipp R. Salvisberg)
ExtraBatt V1.01 (battery status monitor - TWYN-Y-BERLLAN)
DCP V7.1 (Discover a new EPOC32 Interface - written by Eric Sebban)
DLControls (OPL Library - written by Damien Lewis)
DirDir V2.2 (see which files need to be backed up from the Psion - written by Rolf Aeschbacher)
Diskbench V1.1 (tests the speed of your CF disk - written by Jan Rydval)
Ebook V2.1 (an electronic book (etext) viewer - written by Simon Quinn)
Encrypt-it! V3.0 (a high security file encryption utility - written by Peter Csutora)
Essential Disk Utilities ('Norton Utilities' for the Series 5 - Atelier)
Extrabars V1.20 (enables you to use your Series 5 - written by Jason Kneen)
FlashBack V1.2 (a fully customisable compact flash-based backup utility - Palmscape)
Macro5 V2.40 (create your own macros - written by Pascal Nicolas)
MagicKeys V2.02 (insert text using a few keystrokes - Fatcatz)
Marker 1.10 (system bookmarker - Neoun)
Menu5 V2.6 (an applications, documents and folders launcher - Henri Spagnolo)
Merlin V1.0 (provides an unprecedented level of customisation for your machine - Neuon)
Navigator (powerful PC style management of directories & files - Purple Software)
Navigator Plugins:
NavPro V4.0 (makes Navigator more user friendly - written by Andre Mofmeyr)
PN Plus V1.0 (access System functions not available for the Navigator workspace - written by Mark Riley)
NightKeys V2.0 (a screen based keyboard - written by Thomas Ross)
NightClock V1.10 (look at the time at night - writen by Sergio Alisi)
Notepad Deluxe V1.01.4 (notepad - Pelican Software, Inc.)
nSISUtil V1.10 (create/edit PKG/SIS files - Neuon)
PenPad V3.0 (nifty note taking - written by Salt)
Pdf V1.01 (pdf reader - mBrain Software)
PsiWallpaper V1.7 (wallpaper customisation utility - David Steer)
QuickP V3.41 (project environment manager - written by written by Eric Sebban)
Recycle (protect yourself against accidental deletions - Neuon)
Reviser V5.22 (generic revision/learning aid - written by Phil Whiles)
RMRAutotext V1.04 (clipboard utility and text macro - RMR Software)
RMRFILE V2.00 (fast file manager - written by Serge Shestopalov)
RMRZip V2.02F (compression and file packaging utility - written by Serge Shestopalov)
Scribble V1.50f Build 047 (multipage-notepad system - BISON Software)
Scribble 2000 V0.91 (handwriting regognition software - Nicklas Larsson)
SysBack V2.10F Build 0707 (specify your default settings - written by Phil Spencer)
TaskBar V0.92 (Windows-like taskbar - Nicklas Larsson)
TomeRaider V2.08 (view specially compressed TomeRaider files - Steve Jones)
UniFEP (multilingual solution - Enfour, Inc.)
VRule V1.03 (convert you EPOC32 machine into a virtual ruler instantly - written by FatCatz)
WorldTime V1.27 (view the time in 14 places simultaneously - written by Daniel Sissman)
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