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April Site of the Month1997
Lovely site & excellent resource. Take care over there :-)
Dave Santorum

I have noticed by looking at my Siteflow statistics that many people have
been directed to my site by a link on your EPOC32 software page.


Hey, nice site! Link added.
Thomas Leonard

Your site seems pretty popular so I'm hoping you could include a link to my EPOC32 UKsights database.
Gerard Mulholland

If you'd wish to review some of our products in the future, please let me know and I'll make sure you receive a copy.
Jerome Brussee, Marketing Executive, Palmtop BV

I am enjoying your EPOC32 Software page a lot, and made a link on my S5 Page.
Andras Cserhati

Very good web site.
Mark Riley<

Just a note to thank you for your very well laid out site.
It will make finding things so much easier than trawling about on FTP sites.
Thanks for your efforts.

Brian Carroll

Many thanks for putting LongFiles on the list of Risc OS software - I'm glad it's also the latest version!
Once again, many thanks, and keep up the work!

Jason Tribbeck

Congratulations to your interesting Acorn WWW pages.
It's a collection of very nice information with links to most of the important things. Excellent.

Eduard Pfarr

Another brother in StrongARM. I have to say that you made an excellent job here!!!
Katsikas Ioannis

I like the site, it's clear. Keep in touch.
Pim Vlaar

Really great site. Visit it nearly every day. Keep it going on!!!
Udo Koehnlein

I must say congratulations on an excellent web site - THE MOST USEFUL links pages
I have used for Acorn software. Keep up the good work.

Richard Cassidy

I loved your piece about the cockroaches on your web page!
Christopher Jarman - retired teacher, writer

Excellent site, tons of good links, Acorn software, upto date news, stuff...
Please keep it up :-) I am always checking your site.

Jeff Haskell

I think your site's got more info more easily accessed than many other Acorn sites. Congrats.
Brian Adam - jeweller and eyewear maker since 1981

You are a star! Comms Page 15 Dec Acorn User features your home page -
over a half page with a glowing report... Keep up the good work.

Tom Waller

This is one of the best - how come I've never come across it before?
Andy McMullon

Congratulations on your Acorn Web Site - I often visit it for some refreshing Acorn news!
Rob Sinclair, Sherwood Solutions - Large Format Digital Graphics
Christchurch, New Zealand.