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American Airlines
Order tickets

American Express
Credit card

American Merchant Center, Inc.
Increase your sales - Accept Credit Cards!

American Moving & Storage Association
Moving ... Without a Hitch!

Bachrach Clothing

Barnett Bank
Florida's oldest & largest bank

C&H Business Furniture Essentials

British Airways
Order tickets

CareerTrack, Inc.
They train more than 750,000 people worldwide every year.

Century 21 Professional Connection

Century 21 Real Estate Information Center

Champion America

Your fast, easy, low-cost source for quality signs and safety essentials.
Direct investing with CSFBdirect is more than just online trading. It's the difference between short-term thinking and longer-term investing.

City National Bank

Computer Furniture Direct
Delivered direct to your home or office

Home improvement!

Credit Card Network
Apply for credit cards online

Design/Build Business

Communications - 1-800-813-8156

Dialpad Communications, Inc.
Delivering the next generation of dialtone.

There are many programs that allow you to manually delete your cookies. In addition, DoubleClick offers consumers the opportunity to select a persistent "blank" or "opt-out cookie" to prevent information from being uniquely associated with your browser.

A leader in Webcast and online business-to-business capital asset auctions and valuation services.

e.Schwab Online Investing
Log in & initiate trades yourself

Buy stocks, get quotes, & track your portfolio 24 hours a day, seven days a week

ERA Real Estate

Digital Security Products


Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Florida Power & Light Co.

Forclosure Magazine
An information service providing monthly listings of bank forclosed properties. Nationwide Listings. Serving All 50 States.

Gibson Research Corporation
Can anyone crawl into your computer while you're connected to the Internet? You may be VERY surprised to find out!

Free Web Based Email.

Hello Direct, Inc.

Home Office Association of America

Search for a home...

Housing Finance Authority of Miami-Dade County
We Have The Keys To Your First Home!

The hottest free PC to PHONE service on the Web! Make unlimited free calls to more than 30 countries right from your PC.

Idea Cafe
A Fun Approach to Serious Business

Home improvement!

Industrial Strength Woodworking

Incoming Calls Management Institute (ICMI)
Offers the world's leading training programs and educational resources on call center management.

Live streaming video, webcams, webcam software solutions.

Order a wakeup call online!

ITR, Inc.
ITEX broker

Judicial Online Superhighway User Access System - Florida Supreme Court Rules & Forms.

Business News

Credit card

Email is great, when you can get to it. Have you ever been away from your computer and wanted an easy way to check your email?

National Association of Trade Exchanges

Nimlok Company

Office Depot, Inc.
The world's leading seller of office products

OfficeMax OnLine
Office products superstore

Check your pop email on the internet.

RE/MAX Real Estate Network

Sir Speedy
Printing, copying & digital network

Spy Tech Agency

Successories, Inc.
Tools to promote personal and team excellence. Motivate your employees to go the extra mile!

The Florida Division of Corporationsí online information, research, and electronic processing service center.

Teco Peoples Gas
Florida's Best Energy Choice

The Directory of Computer Consultants & Developers

The Real Yellow Pages

The Institutional Catalog Source For Site Furnishings Since 1982

United Parcel Service

United States Postal Service

uReach Technologies, Inc.
I can manage all my calls, messages and contacts by phone or the web!

U.S. Small Business Administration

Credit card

World Trade Magazine
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Alamo Rent A Car

Don't make a $10,000 mistake! Millions of used cars have costly hidden problems. Use Carfax Vehicle History Reports

Chevrolet - Dodge - Ford - Honda - Land Rover - Lexus - Pontiac - SAAB - Toyota - Volvo - VW

The intelligent way to purchase your next vehicle

Dealer Network

Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides
Consumer Information Experts Since 1966

Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles

Your online leasing resource

The Car Connection
From feature stories to car reviews, from driving tips to spy photos.
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ATI Training
Has been in the business of helping people realize their career dreams for over 30 years by offering career training in a variety of programs.

The Coriolis Group
The Coriolis Group is your publishing resource for certification topics.


MCSE study material

New exams are being added weekly. Check back often or sign up for our newsletter to be notified when we add more exams.

Checkpoint MCSE
MSCE information and links!

Dave's MCSE Page
I have created this page to help my MCSE students prepare for their certification exams.

Welcome to the leading destination for IT professionals who are studying for certification exams.

International Fine Arts College
Getting ahead in your chosen profession of Computer Animation, Digital Audio/Video, Electronic Publishing/Commercial Art, Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Film, Interior Design, or Visual Arts begins with a solid foundation in a college that puts you to work in your chosen field with projects and assignments before you graduate.

A Free Lecture-based Educational Course on IP Addressing and Subnetting

Free MCSE, A+, Network+ and Cisco certification resources

MCSE Brain Dumps
Very - very - very good stuff here!

Microsoft Press
Computers books and interactive products on Microsoft technology.

National School of Technology
One of the country's leading technical schools with a well earned reputation for educational and professional excellence in the medical field.

Self Test Software
Self Test Software - World Leader in IT Practice Tests.

Sybex, Inc.
Quality computer books.

Free Microsoft MCSE and Novell CNE practice exams. Members area with Brain Dump and additional exams.

Transcender Co.
Makes exam preparation software for IT certification exams. Currently, we produce TranscenderCert exam simulations for Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA's A+, i-Net+ and Network+ certifications. If you want to become certified, use our software to know for sure that you are ready to pass.
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A.D.A.M. Software, Inc.
A.D.A.M The Inside Story, Nine Month Miracle etc.

Angelia Multimedia
Interactive education software

Brøderbund Software
Where in USA is Carmen Sandiego?

Davidson & Associates, Inc.
Magic Tales, Kid Phonics, Reading Blaster, Math Blaster etc.

Dorling Kindersley
Cartopedia, Eyewitness Encyclopedia, The Ultimate Human Body etc.

Early Learning House Series, Thinkin' Things Series etc.

Edutainment Co.
Family-friendly site

Headbone Interactive, Inc.
Alpha Bonk Farm

Humongous Entertainment
Adventure games for children ages 3 - 8

Knowledge Adventure
The JumpStart Series, My First Encyclopedia etc.

Living Books
Dr. Seuss ABC

LucasArt Entertainment Co.
Interactive education software

Ocean Software Ltd.
Interactive education software

Sanctuary Woods Multimedia
Interactive education software

Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Interactive education software

Softkey Multimedia, Inc.
Referance software

The Learning Company
Educational and reference software

Virtual Entertainment
Logo Computer Systems Inc.

Maxis, Inc.
SimCity, RedShift 2, SimTown etc.
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Get Into Our Shorts...

Blockbuster Video

Watch movies here!

The Joe Cartoon Co.
Home of the Frog in a Blender, Gerbil in the Microwave, Joefish, Nanna Hooter and more humor for the twisted

IFilm Co.
The internet movie guide

MovieFone Inc.
America's source for movie information, showtimes, previews & even tickets

Previews to the new hottest movies

Nintendo 64 - 64-bit Risc CPU - 93.75 MHz

Sega Enterprises Inc.

The Walt Disney Co.

Universal Studios
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Digital Graphics Magazine

Digital Magic
Tools and techniques for digital media professionals.

Mobile Computing & Communications

National Geographic Society

Photo Magazine


Time Magazine
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Order Online
DTP direct

PrePress Direct

Publishing Pefection
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Mixed Nuts
Alta Vista
Powerful search engine by Digital Equipment Co.

Americas Most Wanted
Fight crime in USA.

Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell

Brian Adam
Contemporary jewellery & eyeglasses design

Color Card Co.
Create & order business cards online - 1-800-383-6414

Eastman Kodak Co.


General Electronic Company

Graphics Illustrated, Inc.

Navio Communication
Will bring the internet to television, telephone, PDA, gamegear etc.

Software Publisher Association

TechWeb Gurus

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

World Health Organization
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Electronic Telegraph

The Kansas City Star

The Miami Herald

The New York Times

The Tampa Tribune

The Times

The Wall Street Journal
Business newspaper

The Washington Post's Digital Ink
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Channel 2
Public television station with high quality, educational content.

Channel 4
WFOR-TV - Instant News Online

Channel 6
WTVJ - Miami/Fort Lauderdale

Channel 7

Channel 10

Channel 17
Public Radio and Television for South Florida

Channel 33
UPN 33 - WBFS South Florida

Channel 39
WDZL-TV - South Florida

CNN Interactive
News station

Fox Broadcasting Co.
Entertainment station

The ABC Television Network
PrimeTime - Soaps - Talk Shows - Sports - News

Scandinavian television station
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Get the best price...

Rail Europe Group, Inc.
Your one source for european travel.

Wine and dine...

Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door
They want to help you make the most of every mile, minute, and dollar on your next European adventure.
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Web Tools
Web Tools Buyer's Guide
Your comprehensive guide to products, tools and services for today's Web developer.

Keep up-to-date with Dynamic HTML and JavaScript.

Style Sheets Guide
Stay on top of Cascading Style Sheets with the Spec, tutorials, and browser compatibility charts.

XML from the inside out.

The central Web site for the Perl community.

The knowledge of experts has been culled to pull this special site together. It's all fonts - a designer's dream.
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