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Windows OS Jim
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TurboFLOORPLAN Home & Interior (bring your home, office, and garden ideas to life - IMSI)
StarOffice 8 (high-end office software - Sun)
OpenOffice 2.4.0 (office suite - openoffice.org)
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Communication - mail2web.com - buddyhelp.com - Dynamic DNS Service
Bullet Proof FTP (the best FTP client - Bullet Proof Software Ltd.)
FlashGet 1.9.6 (download files and recover (resume downloading) if errors occur - Amaze Soft)
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 (web development - Adobe)
PPPshar Pro 1.9 (enables multiple systems to access the Internet with one connection - PPP Infotech Ltd.)

The Internet connection can be an Dial-Up, Cable, ISDN, DSL, Satellite or T1/T3 link.
Opera 9.27 (web browser - Opera)
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Emulators - cdcovers.cc - coversarchive.com
Frodo 4.1b (Commodore 64 emulator - Port by Jason Olsen)
SoftMac Xpress (Runs all 68K compatible versions of Mac OS - Emulators Inc.)

(including System 7, System 6, and earlier) up to and including Mac OS 8.1
MAME 0.125 (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator - written by many)
Meka 0.72 (Sega Master System & Gamegear emulator - written by many)
MESS 0.124 (emulates a large variety of different systems - written by many)
Garnet OS Emulator 3.5 (3Com-Palm Computing)
VirtualRPC AdjustSA (turns your PC into an accurate model of an Acorn RISC PC computer - Virtual Acorn)
Snes9X 1.51 (SNES emulator - written by many)
WinUAE 1.4.4 (Amiga emulator - port by Brian King)
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Games - The Adrenaline Vault - Remakes - 3DFiles.Com - Game Copy World - GameSpot - PCGamer - PCGaming - thesimsonline
DX-Ball 2 (breakout - Longbow Digital Arts)
Giant Worlds Beta 0.83 ('Great Giana Sisters' arcade classic - Rainer Sinsch)
Moorhuhn 3 (chicken hunt - Phenomedia AG)
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Graphics - vcdhelp.com
3D Studio MAX 2009 (3D modeling & animation - Autodesk, Inc.)
Adobe InDesign CS3 (desktop publishing - Adobe Systems Co.)
Bryce 6 (design/animate 3D worlds/landscapes - DAZ Productions)

Xara3D 6.0 ('slimware' program, designed to produce high quality 3D headings, banners & animations - Xara Ltd.)
XnView 1.25 (utilities for viewing and converting graphics files - written by Pierre-e GOUGELET)
Xara Xtreme Pro 3.2 (art package - Xara Ltd.)

The 1st truly object-oriented illustration package capable of producing high quality images that are usually associated with high-end bitmap editing programs.
Dancing Baby Dance Club
Network - Practically Networked - American Registry for Internet Numbers - ShieldsUp
NetPeek 4.64 (network software - Jim Kulak)
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A.D.A.M. Medical Illustrated Encyclopedia (comprehensive guide to the human body - Adam Software, Inc.)
Nine Month Miracle (a multimedia journey into the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth - Adam Software, Inc.)
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Sound - MP3.com - freedb.org - a free approach to cddbp
Winamp 5.53 (music player - Nullsoft, Inc.)
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System - The Brotherhood of the CPU - skinz.org - customize.org - Theme World
Winstep Xtreme (high performance workspace manager - WinSTEP)
Talisman 3.0 (desktop manager - Lighttek Software)
WindowBlinds 6 (change the look and feel of Windows - Stardock Systems, Inc.)
Geiss 4.24 (screensaver and Winamp plug-in - written by Ryan Geiss)
Sherman's Lagoon (animated screen saver created by Jim Toomey and Chris Yourch)
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Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.1 (view any PDF files - Adobe Systems Inc.)
DAEMON Tools 4.12.3 (CD-Protection emulation - VeNoM386 & Swenske)

.cue - .iso - .ccd - .bwt - .cdi - .mds - SafeDisc - Securom - Laserlok - DVD
MacDrive 7 (use Macintosh disks with Windows software - Media4 Productions)

Open and save files on Macintosh disks directly from software
Nero 8 (create your own CD - ahead software gmbh)
Norton Antivirus 2008 (virus killer - Symantec Co.)
OmniPage Pro 16 (OCR - Caere)
PowerArchiver 2007 (compression - written by Ivan Petrovic)
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